Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jordana Complete cover 2 in 1 Concealer & Foundation

SO, if you follow me on YOUTUBE you'll know that I'm a HUGE +Lancome USA fiend. Period. Following close.. but not toooooo closely is +MakeupForever...

For drugstore I have been LOVING +L'ORÉAL PARiS  (tru match) and now this Jordana.

It will be released in February 2015. YOU MUST get your hands on this. When I received it my friend Giselle swatched it... and her WHOLE jaw dropped...  OMG she goes "this feels like the Estee Lauder"... which I am also a fan of as well.

So my friend +QueenGesus compared this foundation which will cost all of $2- $3.99 in Walgreens, to a $50 product.

I tried it on my hand & LOVED it . Wore it on my face the next day mixed with some moisturizer just to run some errands, and I AM ENAMORED!


Texture | Soft and creamy. It's very well pigmented.

Coverage | The name says it ALL. Maximum coverage!
it's buildable and great if you suffer from hyper-pigmentation
GREAT for under eye and BOMB for highlighting and contouring. 

Color Choice | I LOVE the color choices. They have a GREAT color 
called "Golden honey" and if you are South Asian you will LOVE this color. It's deep, yet
still olive toned- and AMAZIIING! 

Wear | It wears SO well. I would say it's best for combo skin. While it does not have a 
matte finish "oily girls" can wear it too. With a GREAT primer this foundation is a STAR!
Users with dry skin will also LOVE this as an option! 

Scent | No noticeable scent or reaction from this formulation. 

Perks | I have heard great things about Jordana foundation before, but HONESTLY the old packaging was NOT my fave. I LOVE this new tube. The packaging got me on bored. 
I feel as though it looks professional and I would be proud to use this on gigs... 

Draw Backs | Ummmm ok so I know some people have an issue finding this 
brand. I will say Walgreens and "the beauty supply store" are my go to places for this brand. 

The Finish | In my Eddie Murphy voice "What is this Velvet" LOL it is SO soft
and smooth... it goes on HIGH END. Like a luxury moisturizer. 

Conclusion | I LOVE it. LOL. It will be added into my routine. I use mahogany as a contour and Golden toffee as my base and LOVE golden caramel as a highlighter. 

Rating | 5 STARS YES!

I give it 5 stars because of the price and the packaging!
I also salute this foundation because this brand continuously 
grows and grows.. I like that! 

Keep up the GREAT work Jordana! 

(From L to R) Golden Carmel | Toffee | Golden Toffee | Mahogany 

 (From L to R) Fair Beige | Natural Beige | Honey Olive | Golden Beige 

(From L to R) Natural Beige | Classic Beige | Creamy Natural | Golden Olive 

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  1. Thank you for the review and swatches. I can't wait till it hits stores!

  2. My local Walgreens carries Jordana so I will definitely be on the lookout for this!

  3. Between 'Golden Caramel' and 'Toffee' which do you think is more golden/yellow? Thanks.

  4. Lol "what is this velvet" gotta love Eddie Murphy great review

  5. Hey I've checked the collection and found it really attractive, I've also got great collection of concealer online at Majorbrands.


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