Friday, February 3, 2012

TWA TALK: Too UGLY for natural hair | Big Chop | TWA inspiration

I got my lil TWA going on... what do you think. What is a TWA? What does BC mean?

TWA: Teenie Weenie AFRO... #Natural #TWA #Confidant #SelfEsteem #SelfAssured 

BC: BIG CHOP... the first step in transitioning Cutting or "chopping" off permed or chemically treated hair. #Brave #Supportpositivechange

Check out these LOVELY Natural Women


TWA Video: 

African Export 

Bronze Goddess01

Makeup Doll (natural Channel)


I have not wore my natural hair OUT in a STYLE since I was probably about eleven or twelve. HONESTLY.  I  feel SO relieved so FRESH so new and I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders... maybe that weight is HAIR. 

Sometimes I walk into a situation and AUTOMATICALLY feel as though I AM going to be judged. I WILL be the BUTT of the jokes... those people speaking that foreign language.. they're talking about ME!

It was all in my head... and to be honest I feel this way in wigs and in natural hair... so why not give my natural hair a go. WHat have I got to loose? INHIBITION I lost it. Natural hair... DON'T care and I HAVE NEVER felt better. 

When you're ready. YOU WILL KNOW... 

It's not everyones cup of tea... I didn't always think it was mine...
... it is! I added some sugar and a few drops of Lemon... It's TEA TIME BABY!


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  1. I'll admit at first I was like what? But then the more you talked and the more confidence you showed... I started to love it... Don't be ashamed of what God gave you... rock it... recognize it... and thank him... cause he was kind enough to make us all different...

    1. SO True.. LOL.. @ first I was like WHAT?@??!?! LOL.. but I am slowly becoming way more comfortable with it and am really enjoying it. I appreciate your support! xoxo <3

  2. I saw the pic on FB, and just watched the vid on YT. so inspiring! :)

  3. So inspirational I know so many young girls (that I mentor) that need such a role model, I've watched your channel for years & I am very proud of you for doing this, it takes courage & that's exactly what our black community needs during times such as these. P.S. you're gorgeous

  4. I BC'd A Year Ago When I Was 15 , Going Natural Was An Awesome Choice But I Say Rock It Miss . Its Inspiring :)

  5. Awesome! LOVE! You are gorgeous as you naturally are! I don't look at you any different. Each stage we go through we are gorgeous in it!

  6. You are so beautiful. So many women should see your post and be inspired!

  7. You are gorgeous!!!!

  8. Simply beautiful. Keep doing you and encouraging others.

  9. Love you to bits Destiny! Such a confident and strong video xxx

  10. you are beautiful inside and out. thank you for being eloquent and honest and firm. this has made my balck history month!

  11. I won't lie girl, you are a beautiful dark-skinned girl...make up is always flawless....very creative and unique....I am huge fan.....but.....girl I must say...and I'm saying this in a joking sisterly have a massive forehead! lol

  12. We love you for being u. Live long my dear...


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