Monday, April 15, 2013

One week Post Operation | Hair Restoration UPDATES

Well on April 9th as many of my followers on Youtube Instgram and Twitter know I underwent the restoration of my natural hair. I know many of you are wondering... What. Exactly. I mean by that. Well, In addition to having a really high hairline all my life... I was also beginning to notice the gradual reduction the edges & temples. Like MOST people would assume this is NOT all from weave wear and or Alopecia. My family has a history of female pattern hairloss, that and the high hairline are inherited from my maternal grandfather.

I have been "Natural" or "Chemical Free" a newer term for wig wearing (non creamy crack users) since about 2009 2010. One day I just decided to cut my hair off because I didn't need it... annnnd yeah I could just use Lace wigs and weaves. I mean they're easy to wear make things quick and offer SO much versatility... My natural hair longing began with just wanting the OPTION to wear a cute TWA tapered to my face and some jeans and just be cute and stress free and not hav to work about a track showing or the wind revealing my thinning edges... or hearing those lil giggles... thinking... damn... were the meant for me... Sometimes vanity can drive you to want to do "better" or in this case "different"...

I slowly began to search youtube and other blogs for help with my new found "natural desire" I found such channels as +ToyabooTresses +Miss Vanisha Africanexport +Cipriana Quan @Chescaleigh @NaturallyD0lly @BronzeGoddess & MANY more wonderful encouraging women with simple techniques for hair texture similar to mine. These channels not only offered hair care but style protection and inexpensive product recommendations and reviews...

Armed with a lil knowledge and a lil confidence  I had a small "Hair Coming out" party. Some people had fun some came and left early ... some got drunk and called my mom names... buuut. It served it's purpose.. it put me in a postion I couldn't and didn't want to get out of... I'm natural here I am.  It was
more about accountability which is why I LOVE making youtube videos... I Love being able to give & receive support...

I did one or some more videos and decided, well, learned that my hair was fragile... dry and in need of DEEP care and understating  I also wanted to adress the concerns NOW that could plague me in the future such as thinning and receding hair.  My BIG forehead is something that hasn't exactly made me nor could it break me.. but I think having a minor reduction could GREATLY help the quality of my hair and in many ways my life.

Many people recommended I go completely bald, which is a noble sexy and BOLD decision... that doesn't QUITE fit me or my personality or even really my lifestyle... A low hair cut a TWA even a face frame or a taper... I am TOO all OVER the place to be bald by choice. I LOVE to change my hair up and going natural was to finally give me the choice to actually make it MY hair... While I LOVE wigs... I was on to the next.

I had NEVER really heard too much about this type of procedure for women, let alone Nubians. My mother was actually the first person to kinda put me onto this type of procedure... said she seen it on TV. SO I did some digging and lo and behold googling "Hair Line Lowering" yielded a GREAT vast outcome... I found QUITE a few different Doctors that do this procedure .. but NON of them had half the appeal of Dr.Diep of the

I liked the fact that he had MANY before & after photos and many were ethnic men and women. I stree this importance because all of the factors are important when choosing a surgeon to conduct your procedure. They have HAVE to know and care about you in order to complete a natural looking hair line.. that is undetectable and natural looking. ALL races and ethnicities have nuances in the shape of their faces hairlines and  the way the hair follicle lays within your head. I learned all of this from Dr.Diep and confirmed it through research.

After sending him several photos of the top, each side and the back of my head and my face to make a decision on how many grafts I would want/need and where about I want my hairline to fall... We talked about this in more detail when we met. He drew a nice natural hair line for me. I added what detail I wanted, which was NOT TOO small of a head.. I want to maintain a sizable forehead... as it is a part of me...

So on April 9th at approximately 6am... My procedure began.
Photos below depict the events of the day.

You see me getting  FEW shots in my left arm.

Below you see my donar area getting shaved and me
having a GREAT lunch!

Below I am getting a few shot in my head for numbing
and comfort... WHY does the Doctor look SO happy LOL

Above you see Dr.Diep's WONDERFUL and I MEAN
AMAZING staff beginning my procedure!

Here is a Video update with some FAQ's and Some photos and different things about this procedure! 

This is a photos of the mapped out area where I will have NEW hair growth!
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  1. Destiney, I a, so proud that you are not only doing this for yourself but the fact that you have so openly shared and exposed this expierence with others. I see what you are doing as a true testimony and openess that I'm sure will help someone. I do not suffer from this issue but your courage gives me the encouragement to open up about so many other things such as wrinkles, dark circles, facial hair from a female perspective, aging and so on. Thanks for just being you and putting it out there like it is. It's our life and we only get to live it once so we may as well deal with the issues and concerns and keep it moving. I also try my best to inspire women when I make vids because in life you have to deal with issues instead of letting issues run you into hidding or rob you of life. You are a beautiful person inside and out and that's what keeps me coming back to your channel for more. Good luck and keep it up!!!

    Much Love, Sista

    1. Traadama I suggest FUT hair transplant its more better and easy for us :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. Destiny love were you not under total
    anesthesia during the entire procedure? It looks painful, I'm glad you're past it, you're brave to go through this and to share it with your viewers.

  4. May God continue to bless you Destiny! Your candidness has not only enabled you to transform your pain into power and your stress into strength; it is also giving other the inspiration to do the same. Thanks a million for being you!

  5. Destiny does the hair grow back where it was harvested?

  6. Wow it will look amazing :)
    Does the hair grow back where they took it out?

  7. How many grafts did you receive?

  8. I'm wishing you a speedy and uneventful recovery hun, I'm so happy for you and I hope the hair grows out quickly so you can enjoy the results asap! May I ask how much this procedure cost? I am very interested in it, I just wanted to see where the price ranges at...

  9. Hay girl glad to see you doing good. Get a speedy recovery.

  10. Wonderful story. Im so glad that you are sharing. I was happy when you said Africaexport and a few others in your blog because I watch them. Ive been natural for about 3 years now and have recently just did the big chop again! I am little worried but I feel so great about my decision. Gonna rock it cuz I have no choice. I feel so free!

  11. Destiny you are truly beautiful and an inspiration. Thank you for honestly showcasing an option for many women who may be suffering as well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and successful journey :) Gillian

  12. You look beautiful,I must say I am a bit jealous, I was born with a high hairline so I spend all my time trying to camouflage it. The funny part is that even the wigs and weaves don't sit very well with a high hairline. I have been considering a hair transplant with Dr. Diep and you just helped me make up my mind. Thank you so much. It will take me a while to save up but I will do it one day.Thanks again, keep us updated,you look gorgeous :)

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  15. So surprised to see what you've been up to. :-) You're a brave woman and you're very REAL. This makes me admire you so much more!!

  16. Thanks for sharing your experience!You look So Beautiful!

  17. Hi Destiny... I was inspired by you and got my hairline & temples done (locally) a week ago. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to share. God bless. Jo--

  18. Hi,
    I watched the video you posted yesterday and your hair is growing really nicely. I had a consultation via skype with Dr Diep(after watching your after-transplant)so I have a question for you,how's the scar coming along? Can you please show us how the scar has healed. How many grafts did you have transplanted. I am at a stage where I want to do a big chop,go all natural and my fivehead is making me hesistant.Please allow me to use your experience to make up my mind.

  19. You are one strong women. When I found out about my hair loss I was in so much distress. I just couldn't believe that I was having hair loss. It didn't take long to start seeing all my hair go away. I came across this blog and found your video. I am so glad I watched it and heard what you had to say. I am glad your sharing this story with me and everyone else. I am working with my doctor from who is located in Utah. I hope I can look as good as you do! Keep being strong and pushing forward!

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