Wednesday, February 24, 2016

FULL FACE Makeup Forever *Color Correction* TRANSFORMATION

Highlighting Contouring &Color Correcting  w/ Makeup Forever's NEW Conceal correct & Sculpt Palette

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As always I'm starting out with my Makeup Forever primer ( to make my face match and to help my makeup last longer

next I'm going into the new Makeup Forever conceal and sculpt palette (

with the deep orange and I'm using this to correct any blue to gray tone or brown blemishes in my face...

 Next I am mixing the yellow and deep orange together to create a medium toned peach concealer

that can be used for correction and highlighting my under eye and around my mouth area if you choose

 to you can stick with the deep orange color for this step but I wanted a more highlighted appearance...

Making sure to blended in very well is a very important step

next I'm going in with Makeup Forever HD and color number 178 (  and I'm blending a thin layer all over my face...

Now I am taking the deepest color in the palette and using it to contour the hollows of

my cheeks. I'm using it around my forehead to create shadow and around my jaw line to lessen it.

 I am also contouring down my nose now I am going in with the warm golden tone

to use that as a highlight for my t-zone and around my mouth area...

to blend is out I will you be using a beauty blending sponge as well as a fan brush (  for precision...

now I am going in with the second deepest tone available from the pallets I have,

and I'm using that to blend out my contour this will help everything to look natural

and give my face a multi-dimensional contour and highlight finish

Using the fan brush really helps to blend out the edges and make sure that everything fits nicely from one color to the other without any harsh lines

I am outgoing and with the highlight color from the Makeup Forever palette and I'm going in the high point of my face and adding subtle points of light...

 to set my makeup I'm going in with Makeup Forever HD powder (  on my Smashbox fan brush (

 and I'm lightly dusting it over the areas that I want to set

I have used mist and fix (  as well to help the process set and last longer

now I'm going in with Makeup Forever  2 and 1 Pro sculpt lip pen and creating a soft color base

colors 10 11 & 50

following this color I will go in with the next shade lightest to create dimension in the center of my lip.

 the final steps are for me to add the product from other end of the pen, which adds

dimension in the final color..  I love these to create beautiful ombre lips... and I'm even going in a little bit and overdrawing my lip line ...


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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FULL FACE Peachy Spring 2016 Makeup | Dark Skin POC

Highlight Contour Foundation Blush ALL great makeup tips for DARK SKIN woc moc poc ...

I start by using hangover rx as my moisturizer  (

 and then I follow it up with Makeup Forever ( mist and fix spray

 I love using this as a prep

 next I go in with Makeup Forever Matt primer... (

This will be good for warmer days

the foundation I am using is Makeup Forever and cover FX

all the brushes I'm using are NYX... (

NYX Brush Review |

Next I am going in with the black beauty blender (  to blend in my makeup and remove excess product

 to further set it I'm going to go in with some more Makeup Forever mist and fix spray


I am using the Makeup Forever Ultra HD concealer in color

and I am blending it all throughout my t-zone to create a natural highlight

next I am going in with Makeup Forever HD foundation in color 185 (

and I'm using this on a Smashbox fan brush to create a soft natural contour...

to reverse highlight my contour I'm using my (face toned)  Makeup Forever in 178

creating a defined edge under my contour...

Now I am going in with some Makeup Forever 185 ( and contouring my nose

and blending it out with an NYX brush as well as my Beautyblender (

 I'm using my Naked flushed palette (  from Urban Decay today to highlight

I am using the brightest highlight tone on The high point of my face around my mouth and nose...

And blending it out with a beauty blending sponge ( helps it to look more natural

I am using NYX blush in double dare (  blush on the apples of my cheeks

 and I'm using a little bit more than usual to give this a really bright springy look

 I am also using it in my eye area.. top and bottom and in the crease blended all the way out with a dark brown eyeshadow.

I used dermablend powder on my Beauty Blender ( to set all over.

on my lips I am using Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss ( Neon Orange & Melon

and I used some dark brown cream liner to line my lips and then used a little bit more of a dark brown Brow liner...

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Monday, December 14, 2015

NYX Brush Review + Highlighting for DARK Skin

Click HERE to see the video

Are the new NYX Makeup brushes any good?
(links below)

Here is what I thought of the NEW NYX makeup brushes 
available at Ulta 

I have had these brushes for a while.. after finally using them,
I'm in love! They are soft sturdy and cut extremely well! 

I love how the pick up, blend out and blend in product. 
They are great prices and an AWESOME Christmas present for
ANY makeup artist or enthusiast. 

Watch the VIDEO above for more, and to see them in action.

NYX Makeup Brush  Highlighting Tips for DARK Skin 

NYX Brushes |
Buy one get one %50 0ff 

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