Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FULL FACE Peachy Spring 2016 Makeup | Dark Skin POC

Highlight Contour Foundation Blush ALL great makeup tips for DARK SKIN woc moc poc ...

I start by using hangover rx as my moisturizer  (http://bit.ly/1SFut43)

 and then I follow it up with Makeup Forever (http://bit.ly/1T2HmDy) mist and fix spray

 I love using this as a prep

 next I go in with Makeup Forever Matt primer... (http://bit.ly/1Sr666e)

This will be good for warmer days

the foundation I am using is Makeup Forever and cover FX

all the brushes I'm using are NYX... ( http://bit.ly/1U5w5RC)

NYX Brush Review | http://bit.ly/1Qijyg0

Next I am going in with the black beauty blender (http://bit.ly/21bjbZT)  to blend in my makeup and remove excess product

 to further set it I'm going to go in with some more Makeup Forever mist and fix spray


I am using the Makeup Forever Ultra HD concealer in color

and I am blending it all throughout my t-zone to create a natural highlight

next I am going in with Makeup Forever HD foundation in color 185 ( http://bit.ly/1Rm43BL)

and I'm using this on a Smashbox fan brush to create a soft natural contour...

to reverse highlight my contour I'm using my (face toned)  Makeup Forever in 178

creating a defined edge under my contour...

Now I am going in with some Makeup Forever 185 ( http://bit.ly/1Rm43BL) and contouring my nose

and blending it out with an NYX brush http://bit.ly/1Qijyg0 as well as my Beautyblender (http://bit.ly/21bjbZT)

 I'm using my Naked flushed palette (http://bit.ly/1QuJzT0)  from Urban Decay today to highlight

I am using the brightest highlight tone on The high point of my face around my mouth and nose...

And blending it out with a beauty blending sponge (http://bit.ly/21bjbZT) helps it to look more natural

I am using NYX blush in double dare (http://bit.ly/1NsQ8UO)  blush on the apples of my cheeks

 and I'm using a little bit more than usual to give this a really bright springy look

 I am also using it in my eye area.. top and bottom and in the crease blended all the way out with a dark brown eyeshadow.

I used dermablend powder on my Beauty Blender (http://bit.ly/21bjbZT) to set all over.

on my lips I am using Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss (http://bit.ly/1QiS1on) Neon Orange & Melon

and I used some dark brown cream liner to line my lips and then used a little bit more of a dark brown Brow liner...

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