Wednesday, January 21, 2015

NYX High Voltage Lippies Swatches + Review

Beautifully pigmented and creamy.
 I am VERY excited about these +NYX Cosmetics High Voltage lipsticks. 

The array of color is amazing, as to be expected with NYX.. 
They NEVER spare the drama.
Definitely the kings of inexpensive prestige makeup brands, in my opinion... 

My favorite products from NYX have to their skin prep & finishing 
i.e (primers and finishing sprays)

Next favorite is for sure their lip products! I was pretty excited to get invited to their
annual after IMATS party... It was a Masquerade ball and it was beautifully
adorned with projected NYX logos and makeup 
and cupcakes & a flip book booth,  OH MY!

Click HERE to see photos from the night 

It was amazing, open bar and gift bag HEAVY! My.Type.Of.Party... 

In the gift bag their were over 300 products. YES I said 300!!

Of the MAJOR swag in my bag, the High Voltage Lipsticks stood out!
 I HAD to do a quick review on the new objects of my affection... 

I've had a few days to play with them here are my thoughts... 

Texture | Creamy moisturizing more of a balm consistency. I find that they go on better
and stay on longer when your lips are moisturized and hydrated, yet not wet to the touch. 

Color Choice | I LOVE the color choices! They have the 90's colors we all love... The un shakable HOT orange and warm purple tones that has been killing for like 4 years now and some beautifulllll
mauves... I love the nudes available as well!
 A veritable rainbow of awesome lip days and nights... I can see it.. falling asleep in a 5 color purple ombre lip.. 
This in my future REALLY! 

The wear | They wear pretty well to be as moisturizing as they are, and like most lip products
they last longer & wear a bit better with a lip liner or base. 

The Scent  These have a baby soft hint of vanilla. Super clean and undetectable even to
the most scent-setive of noses.

Perks | They layer well! I have created SO many ombré lips looks with these lippies it's crazy! 
I love that you can have fun with so many at once! 

Drawbacks | Slim to none. As to be expected some colors are more pigmented. 
The reds (of corse the brown tones and the purples) reign supreme.... 

Conclusion | I LOVE that they have SO many warm and cool counter parts! 
I love the slim packaging
& the fact that you can se the color straight away! 
I love that the are virtually scent free & layer sooo well!

The Finish | Some have more of a buttery finish a few of the reds
and the dark purple finish almost like a liquid lipstick. Very smooth velvety even!

RATING / 4.7 out of / 5

I can't WAIT for these to be available in mattes (because I know they will) ...

That is THE only thing I can really comment on. 
I am a HUGE matte girl! I will certainly
use these (to death) 
I just know if they were matte they'd KILL the scene!
.. even harder.. lol

Check out these swatches!! 
Lip swatches coming up ASAP check on youtube for updates!

NYX Products available here | NYX Products (Click to view)


    Prep products Mentioned

   NYX Pore filler
   NYX Shine Killer
   NYX Angel Veil
   NYX HD Base Primer

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  1. Omg in just trying to get Foundation, mascara, eye liner and lip gloss together. I have no clue about primers, fillers or face brushes. I love that you love this stuff. . Thanks for posting!

  2. Luuuuuv your enthusiasm for the work you do and I always trust and believe in your reviews. I will be tryin these, especially the purples my favorite colors. Keep puttin in werk!!

  3. OMG do you have any idea when are these coming out?! I hope these and the intense butter glosses roll out at the same time...

  4. Hi destiny. I have a question for you and was wondering if we could email. We have a similar complexion and wanted to get your advice on some things

  5. Will you be posting lip swatches?

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