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Great Concealer for Dark skin NARS Lancome & More

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Just wanted to stop by and share some of my current favorite concealers. They are high end and I will answer this response with a drug store version. When it comes to concealer and complexion makeup you have to be aware or your preferences and why they're important. Skin type, tone and texture ALL need to be taken into consideration.

Here are my coordinates

Type | Combination to oily
Tone | Warm & cool depending on area and blemish type.
Texture | My skin is fairly smooth, but I tend  to have enlarged pores from time to time.

So with this information I decide to purchase

Waterproof or resistant concealers that have a mixture of tones... My skin is semi smooth so a
little shimmer is ok.. but it's also combination to oily so it's not necessary.. Meaning I could go for a matte finish If I wanted....

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in "Amande" (

I am a BIG fan of this product. It is APTLY named. Creamy and radiant! It is warm in tone so I tend to use it a a highlighting concealer. It has a slight shimmer to it and is creamy.. so this would also be great for dryer skin types. The best part about it is the finish and pigmentation. It doesn't finish
too creamy or dry and a little goes a long way... It really does a beautiful job of lifting
the eye area....

RATE | LOVE 4.5/5

LANCOME 'Effacernes'  520 Dk Suede (

Ok so if you watch my youtube videos you'll KNOW how I feel about +Lancome USA . I BEEN a fan mannnn! LOL... SO it's NO surprise that Effecernes is my bae. It's water proof which I LOVE b/c unlike the +NARS Cosmetics  is gives you that beautiful MATTE dry finish us Oily girls crave! It's beauuuuutiful. Under Brown under eye around my mouth... it's a GREAT product, buuuut that's how Lancome does. 


LANCOME Maquicomplete Suede (

BEEN a fan! I LOVE this concealer... LOL it's a beautiful cooler tone so around my moth and in my
cheek area is where I use this most... It's creamier that the Effecern and  less glowy that theNARS it has such a thin FULL coverage formula and blends out AMAZINGLY well...

RATE 5/5

DIOR Skinstar Mocha (

This is my FIRST +Dior complexion product. I have had cheek and lip products from the perfume and mascara... so trying this, was a treat! Let me say I was PLEASANTLY surprised... Well, I wasn't surprised. Dior is a high end brand synonymous with prestige... While I was not surprised by the quality... I WAS surprised by the color selection. I was very happy to have a great match. It's creamy and has really nice pigmentation. It has a very natural finish.. No shimmer it's not matte and it's a very comfortable wear.. It definitely is a great concealer for girl who NEED and really desire a very natural finish.

RATE 4.5/5

MAC Pro Palette Medium (

SO the MAC palette has to be the best value for the money... You get the best of ALL worlds..
it's creamy yet not TOO much... you can set it.. It has several shade for highlighting contouring and color correction... This is a "gateway" palette.. it mixes and matches and makes EVERYTHING work... They have a few different shade of this palette.. I am medium but also want the dark palette. The Dark palette has a GREAT orange corrector that is FABULOUS for color correction... the only reason I can't give it 5 is I'm more of a dry finish type NO SHADE this is an awesome palette! +MAC Cosmetics


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