Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sugar Coat Nail Polish, a Sweet Treat?

I have always been a fan of fun unique nail polish. From glow in the dark to scented.. fun nails.. are well, FUN! So when I was introduced to the notion of textured nail polish a few thoughts came to mind. 1.) I actually though I created textured nail polish... well I did... I painted my nails with glitter than painted a coat on top. Voila! 2.) My idea failed.. they snagged were kinda dull looking and took away the purpose of the glitter... 3.) I was hoping it'd be a lot less expensive than caviar nails....

Enter Sally Hansen "Sugar Coat" I line of textured nail color. I purchased my first two colors at Target... and couldn't wait to try them. My 1st conquest was Bubble Gum

A bluish pink than some may call a purple... GREAT color pay off with even ONE coat.. It also dries VERY fast... I wanted to love this product.. but it brings me back to the textured nail polish I created... It's a cool idea but needs some work. 1.) The textured bits.. or the "sugar coat" is DULL the bits don't shine twinkle or look anything interesting weather you're up close or far away... it almost looks like your nails were %95 dry... and then you fell asleep and rolled over on them.... 2.) they don't necessarily sang, however they do somewhat catch things.. . they also hold on to dirt... Not only dirt... but... ok... Say for instance you apply makeup with your fingers or you're applying some body cream that has color or shimmer... the nail bits hold on to it...  They are a great price, and are readily available... The lacquer DOES take on a bit more personality when a top coat is applied... however as you can tell from the photos... it still leave a lot to be desired...

With the success of Crackle, Magnetic & insta drying nail polish from Sally Hansen.. I can excuse this miss... along with the misses of Fuzzy coat and a few others ;)

My so-so experience has tamed my desire to try the WHOLE collection. Don't get me wrong these are cool... and if you know a girl who collects nail polish... get her ONNNNE &&& a good bottle of top coat!!! They're at least worth the sentiment...   They come in an array of popular colors such as Mint, black white & red...   I do hear they have glittery ones as well so hopefully they will be a bit more fun!! Happy hunting!

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  1. I have two of these. I like the way they feel. I find myself just rubbing my nails sometimes.

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