Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bobbi Brown Foundation Review & Tutorial

So, I have been a fan of the Bobbi Brown color theory for a while. According to Ms.Brown's theory is that all tones have a warm base... at least when it comes to makeup... I used to wear COOL toned foundation (what's YOUR undertone) exclusively. Once oxidation would set in, I'd be a MESS!

I decided to try out warmer foundations after a while, and found that I get a better more natural look.... I DO however still use cool bronzers (MY favorite Bronzers) around the edges of my face.... Using the two toned method.., I have found works on most to ALL skin types and tones.... OK so on with the review....

Upon my 1st impression I was in love with it for superficial reasons. The packaging has a matte frosty feel. I liked the smell, and am a HUGE fan of PUMP foundations... Once I got over the smell the packaging, how it felt in my hands and the fact that it was a HIGHLY raved about product... I commenced with applying it.

LOVE! Okay... Let me start by saying I LOVE the way it feels when it 1st goes on... it's smooth and moisturizing with out being to gooey or oily feeling... which brings me to the fact that... it's OIL free. It's GEL based and you can tell RIGHT AWAY! Next thing I LOVED was it's matte oily free, gel based, however it doesn't look DRY dead or cakey...

The fact is... I'm a darker complected woman living in LA and I am not 12... so the fact that this wears as well as it looks and performs in the heat for 12+ hours is AMAZING to me...

I hear that this foundation does NOT compare to the Bobbi Brown Natural finish, I have NOT tried it yet but am anxious to! If you have tried it leave a comment below letting me know what you think!

Check out this Tutorial using Bobbi Brown Foundation

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  1. it is absolutely beautiful on your face. I want to try it now lol

  2. This review is very informative. I appreciate how you went into detail about the consistency, and the feel of the foundation. A lot of people when they review products, don't necessarily describe the consistency and the function of products well enough, and you did this perfectly. <3

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