Tuesday, July 3, 2012


HI There!! If you have been following my Youtube Channel then you already know my hair is PURPLE! Below is the VIDEO all about it! | Here are some photos!!

This AUBURN color is a #4 in weave coloring terms. This
is what the wig STARTED as.... Before I bleached it.

ABOVE BLONDE hair... is how my Hair Processed


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  1. Omg! I love this color on you! So many darker skinned women shy away from color, I'm glad you went there boldly!

    Stop by and say HI!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!! It looks gorgeous on you and I love the length.

  3. .thanks for sharing

  4. I absolutely lovvve the hair transformation! I wear a violet synthetic wig but have always wanted a purple and pink lace front so thank you so much for the tutorial! All together, how long do you think it took you to dye this unit? I'm planning on buying a blonde wig so that I don't have to do the bleaching step. And was making sure not to stain the lace a struggle?

  5. Omg you look wow just beautiful


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