Wednesday, June 6, 2012



Below are a few of my FAVORITE Pixie Cuts! Above is my New Pixie Cut!!
Look even further below the images for a few HOW TO make your OWN pixie cute wig. VERY CHeap & Easy! 

Old Videos on HOW TO Make Your OWN DIY Pixie Cut  



                                   More videos Here |

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  1. hi destiny :-) this is hmmm101alot from youtube (lol, not that I have a channel or anything, but i do comment)

    your blog layout has changed! yes it has been a while and as you post quite regularly (which i LOVE and thank you for) i sometimes forget to check your blog!!!

    get tut, and as I commented on your vid I would really like to know how you feel wearing such a short cut without makeup. you said in your vid that you would let your face to the talking re: femininity which i get :-)

    so you LOVE comments right, even if they are this long :-p
    In the words of D.G 'I'll be in touch and hopefully you'll do the same' xoxoxo

  2. You look gorgeous!


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  3. I love heather headley with this look and you look adorable with it as well! Great for seems low maintenance and "cooler" Lol I love my long extensions and wigs but lets face it- it HAWT outside.


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