Friday, March 2, 2012

MAC Viva Glam Nick & Ricki PHOTOS WOC Inspiration

What's Goodie Ladies and Gents?

I like most of the net am excited about My MAC Nick Viva Glam Lipstick.
I'm NOT a Nicki MAC or Bandwagon #stan.. But I love me some Lipstick
Y'all! Ok... so I had some trouble at first.. well, NOT "Trouble" per se... but I had a little 
Doubt... I applied it and thought. No.. I'm not into it.. However with the swipe of a purple liner I was GAME AWN! 

This is what's ON MY FACE & WHY!


Foundation | Lancome Teint Miracle in 4c

I love it because I have red undertones and it's cool
with golden fleck.. and so am I

I applied it with a Samantha Chapman Buffing brush Mixed with some 
ROC Facial Primer to give me that SMOOTH fresh young finish.



My eyes are SIMPLE

ELF Liner with MAC Brown Down mixed with a MATTE orange shade (jordana Terra cotta Blush) in My crease and a Natural Brow highlight.

My bottom Lash line is Line with PIXI Black Tulip Liner... I smudged it out with 
the CREASE & BROW BONE color from my WET N WILD Petal Pusher Palette.



I have 2 blushes going on to create a color right for ME and
the Lip color. I have Wet N Wild Heather Silk topped off with Jordana Terra Cotta 



I have on MAC Viva Glam "Nicki" with prestige "bordeaux" liner
topped off with Revlon COlor Burst Papaya



My eyelashes #063 can be found HERE: 


I cut them in 1/2 to make them corner lashes a la Nicki Minaj  

My Contacts can be found HERE:

Tell them I sent you! 

Enjoy My Images Below.... ANY Questions just ASK! 

---- VIDEO PENDING -----

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  1. Love it as always; i always refer people to you cause you give the biz..much love to ya.

    1. Thanks SO much hun I appreciate it TY TY TY !!!

  2. Oh my! Soo beautiful! Loving the Barbie look, I can never stand contacts but u make me want those :)

  3. you have been my inspiration, make up wise. i was so happy to see a woman of COLOR doing as much as you are doing, not to mention we are the same complexion. I say that to say, after this post i ran to the store to get the Lancome foundation you are wearing because it looks fabolous! the lady tried it on me and it seemed a bit off in color, which was strange because i wear every other shade that you wear perfectly. does this foundation seem a bit light on you?

  4. Gorgeous as always. What kind of camera are you using? You're pictures an videos are always flawless and accentuate your skin.

  5. Love the look....I love how the contacts on you. I definitely want to try those contact lenses.

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