Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day New York!

On this sunny beautiful Valentine's day I can help but to sit back and think about you!... how you used to spazz on me :)

I know I left you for L.A. She looked good as hell, and, she was what I needed at the time.

She's beautiful and warm and always sunny... but, theres something about her I can't trust. 
all smiles all the time? C'mon son! 

You, on the other hand are the realist! I grew so much when I was with you, and my success here with L.A. I owe it to you. You taught me so much I owe you the world! 

You rained on my head, you gave me the cold shoulder... you would fall out on me. But every summer it was like young love.

If I can be 100 with you, which, I know I can... you are not as pretty as L.A. but baby you're tops. Independent, brave, sexy, real and down for whatever, diverse and ALWAYS fly as ever!  

I won't hold you up. I know you're busy.
I'll see you again. 

P.s. Im not crying.
My eyes are having an allergic reaction to the way my heart feels. 

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