Monday, February 14, 2011

Goals and such!

I was having some thoughts bounce around so in true 2011 fashion I decided to share them with you. because I know how much my thought mean to you ;) wink!

1st things 1st. ok.. p.s. i have that lil phrase... what? would 1st thing be second?
- anyways

I have decided I want to get in a finer physical form. I also want to start doing more creative video for my second lessor know youtube page I have so many thoughts bouncing around I have to get them out. I also have to read more. But that's a different story. 

Next, I have to take more initiative and not negate from the super focused thoughts of NY state of mind. I tend to pretend to be distracted, when I'm not. I am super focused and my left brain my right brain and my heart are battling for my conscious, subconsciously on a subliminal level. whoo! 

Lastly as I said in my "Perfect Imperfections video, I have to stop giving people power. Power of energy mood and non sensical verbal transactions. I am way better than EVER before... I rarely let people know if they'e getting, have gotten or are on their way to me... however mentally I'm berserk. 

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