Monday, October 22, 2012

Are you beautiful? Do the math!

That's RIGHT! If you don't know by now... beauty CAN be measured... I SUCK at math but I think I'm petty cute sooo..... let's see how I fare! The name of one measurement system is called the Marquardt Beauty Analysis the mathematic equation "The Golden Ratio" is = 1.61803398875 so the next time you think being a "DIME" or a "10" equates you to being perfect... say NO I'm a 1.61803398875 more here  

I don't really consider to be too accurate cut to the fact that my hair piece is covering 
where my natural hairline begins... you'll note in the sec on photos you can see 
more of my hairline... 

You can find out more information about the Marquardt Beauty Analysis < HERE
You can find out more information about the Golden Ration < HERE 

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  1. Hi Destiny!You are beautiful! i am new to youe channel and love it!! Do you have Destiny's favorites list?:)


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