Tuesday, September 4, 2012

AirBrush Makeup | My new OBSESSION

Okay so I'm Tardy to the party... but let me say it now... I LOOOOVE AIRBRUSH makeup!!

... for some reason I had the idea it'd be a tedious daunting task not worth the investment... why?.. I'm not so sure... I think in part... the machine it's self, scared me away... I thought the assembly alone would be "the most". I have happily come to learn I was wrong. Luckily through my Youtube beauty editing work I was allowed the opportunity to experience Belleto Studios AirBrush system.


SO easy to set up and begin work. Here are a few of their Promo Videos.  

Of course I got going right away. Check out a video I made within a day or so of receiving this airbrush  system. I had fun, it was easy and the results were smooth. What do you think?


I have a full review coming up so I don;t want to give away too much. I have a lot of information in the video as well as in the description area of the video on Youtube. Click HERE to view video on YOUTUBE

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  1. What a difference!

  2. are u wearing colored contacts? of so what are they called? Their beautiful.

  3. I couldn’t agree more about how you were so wrong about airbrush makeups. I’m glad you had come to your senses. Airbrush makeup is such a good investment if you want to look flawlessly beautiful on occasions. Sandra Ballard @ B2SALON.COM


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