Monday, February 20, 2012

Clarisonic Alternative | Sigma Makeup SPA Solutions

Since doing my video on hyper Pigmentation I have been getting asked a lot on my opinion on the Clarisonic (which can be found HERE) and any alternatives! Sigma has now introduced a Complete Spa kit for $59 

- The Sigma Complete Spa Kit  includes -

1 Polishing & Exfoliating tool with 6 attachments!

- Pumice Stone Great For feet Elbows and Knees
- Soft Polishing Head great for gently exfoliating and cleansing
- Medium Polishing Head great for a more intense cleansing and exfoliating experience 
- Firm Polishing head Great to use prior to starting a new skin care regime and to clean skin thoroughly
- Silicone Polishing Head Great to massage and relax irritated skin

 I think this is AWESOME and I can't wait to receive mine! See Photos Below and Video above! 


Click HERE or Banner above to visit the DERMSTORE and take advantage of a GREAT SALE

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  1. Im pretty sure I dont have to tell you this but please do a review on the spa kit. I would love to see how this works.

  2. Hi
    Nice post. Most of the times i never spend a most of the time on any posts. But i really like you post and i read your post. Thank you for sharing and keep posting a more post on new topics


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