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Makeup Brush 101 What's the BEST Brush for the Job! Face Cheeks and Eyes

F O U N D A T I O N 

Natural Foundation Brush

This brush applies and blends foundation properly on your features, ensuring that your complexion is evenly and flawlessly covered. The natural fiber brush fits the contours of your face and blends formulas seamlessly. 

Synthetic Foundation brush

A chiseled, synthetic brush designed for application of Liquid and Minerals.Made of Taklon nylon

 Gives even, well-blended coverage. Allows application to difficult parts of the face such as the nose area and inner corner of the eye  Use to apply mattifying primer in areas where oil control is needed. The synthetic bristles won't absorb oils or product, making it the most hygienic way to apply product.. It's great for applying primer, too.

Stippling Brush 

Synthetic fibers extend past the goat hairs to pick up two layers of product, which translates into a satiny appearance. The compact bristle packing gives ultimate control, too. The two levels of bristles let you layer product beautifully—and determine how sheer or heavy you want your coverage to be. The synthetic taklon hairs allow you to use it with wet or creamy products, like compact foundation.

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Fluffy Bushes

This is rather fluffy, but great for blending in colors as well as packing them on top and it really picks out the color you would want it to.

Flat Brushes
It’s not a brush that blends very well, but is known to pack the colors on the lids really well. This will be perfect for mineral eyeshadow because of the fact that the powders are loose and you need a brush that is flat to hold them on.

Pencil Brushes
For that smokey look this will create the effect you want. You will be able to apply just the right amount of color to the crease and under the the lower lash line. Some say this brush is a good brush for combining highlight colors and blending them in so this may be another option that you could think about.


                      E Y E L I N E R

Angled Brush

Better synthetic I prefer stiff boar designed to be used wet or dry, this brush's perfect angle creates an even, straight line every time


Great synthetic or Natural this brush should have a small bit of loner bristles or A micro-fine, easy-glide tip great for liquid liner for the ultimate in precision lining. 


The angled brush arches toward your eye, making it easier for you to apply liner on yourself. The bent tip keeps your hands and fingers from getting in the way so you can concentrate on precise application. The synthetic taklon fibers allow you to use with all types of liners

C O N C E A L E R 

The smooth, synthetic bristles of a concealer brush allows full, concentrated coverage that blends into skin flawlessly. 

an eyeshadow brush can be used to blend out the work of  a flat synthetic brush's work.

B L U S H 

Look for a makeup brush with curved edges and super-soft bristles designed to pick up and deposit just the right amount of color on the cheeks.
A good Blush Brush has been updated with a more rounded brush head and softer bristles. If it's Cut at an angle, the bristles the entire apple of the cheek, leaving the perfect amount of color.

C o n t o u r

is specifically designed to be used for face contouring. It is a slanted shaping brush to sculpt and to illuminate. The bristles should be ultra soft yet firm enough to enable the user to easily blend powder over the face.

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