Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's your favorite lipstick in the moment?

Revlon Raspberry Bite... it's featured in my latest video:


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  1. My fav is Revlon Berry Haute. Thanks for suggesting it. ♥ It will be traveling with me in a few days to Miami. :-)

  2. Very pretty I am always loven orange shades of anything and now that it is more readily available i am rocking orange shades in every way orange can be incorporated..

  3. Destiny, you are one of a few that has brought me back to lipstick. I was rockin' lip glosses for a quite a while and forgot how much I love lipstick. Love it! So I have been rotating between a few Revlon Berry Haute, MAC Violetta and Viva Glam V (I meant to purchase VG IV but V has totally grown on me), and for special occasions I pull out Nars Funny Face or MAC Ruby Woo. Yes Lawwwwd.


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