Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Favorite from Forever 21

So...  don't know many people whom don't like something special and inexpensive!! That's exactly how I feel about my little trinkets from Forever 21 or XXI as they are now going by! Check out the imaes below and video above for some ideas on my favorite pieces this spring!


  1. Hi Destiny, I found you at Youtube. Thank you so much for the tips for applying bronzer:) You're gorgeous!:)

  2. I also have that maxi dress but in army green... and I love it...

  3. Wow, love that mint green color on you! And that blue rhine stone ring!! I've really wanted joint rings for a long time, but they are pretty expensive. They're sometimes called armor rings, as well, but they have a hinge or two for the knuckle and it covers a lot of the finger. Anyway, Loving your posts and videos!



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