Friday, February 17, 2012

Grammy Fashion | Who wore what?

I live practically 5 minuets from where the 2012 Grammys were held!
I probably heard the applaus for Adele from my kitchen Table. With the awards
the makeup and the sexy LBD Adele certainly stole the show! 

WIth that being said... let's see who else wore what?

Katy Perry, Kelly Osborne and Paris Hilton have all had memorable hits and misses... though I dont't LOVE any of these looks as much as I have in the past I really Like Kelly in this Golden Grecian gown from Tony Ward. It's a great Figure huggin gown and it looks great on here. Paris Looks stodgy and typical and I'm over Katy and the Hair Dye.  

I understand a PUBLICITY STUNT as much as the next person.. However Nicki is on the verge of a backlash Fergie did it best of the bunch I, however, whould have KILLED in that Orange Jean Paul Gautier gown... UGH agains my skin with some nude adornments under it! GAH! IDK why she decide on black under orange against her skin but got TENACITY GO!!

Taylor as usual looks stale and matronly on the other hand Rihanna is looking revived.. it was at the Grammys where she and ex Chris Brown has a very memorable falling out. However the blonde hair and Knee cut LBD is doing the golden girl JUSTICE ! She's glowing and youthful. Ms.Swift's stylist TAKE NOTE! 

Needless to say both these women are beautiful and talented but ADELE... *sigh ADELE just radiates! She looks sleek and slender in this LBD with her signature Cat eyes and red lips she is a stunner! I would also love to see her looking a little more youthful from time to time..  but she does look amazing here.

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  1. Great fashion recap. I agree love ADELE and Rihanna looks amazing. I have know idea what Nicki was thinking. Love your blog.

    1. TY Love.. haha Nicki wants that controversy $$$ but I think it's hurting her a bit. I love her animation... though, I have NEVER been fond of using religion as a pop culture stunt... TY <3


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