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Drugstore Makeup Haul | Lipstick Foundation Lipgloss

Drugstore Makeup Haul | Lipstick Foundation Lipgloss



Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoo 

Tough as Taupe
Audacious Asphalt

I purchased these two Cream eyeshadows from Target.
I really like the pay off the offer and if they're ANYTHING like the L'oreal 
H.I.P Color truth Cream Liners they will be AWESOME. 

I have NOT used them aside to swatch them, however,
they stayed on my hand for quite some time afterwards and had to be removed with 
soap and water.

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

Color: "Light Cocoa"

I am a BIG fan of Maybelline's foundations 
and am ORDINARILY color Cocoa. This new "Light Cocoa
should be interesting to try. When applied to my hand it comes out a bit light..
oxidizes and later resembles the Cocoa that I am used to. No smell and it came to a nice 
dry streak free finish. It has an SPF of 16 which is GREAT (year round) and also seems to be a light
wearing foundation with a buildable coverage. I would apply this with my hands or a sponge. 

L'oreal Le Gloss

Color: Nude Touch

I am a HUGE fan of L'oreals lip products, so it was NO surprise
when I fell in LOVE with Le Gloss. I have MANY colors... My latest is Nude Touch. It is a soft  rosy nude great for cool (redder) skin types. It has a SOFT finely milled silver shimmer and a NON sticky
finish... These Glosses also have a pleasant scent and wear pretty well... I never
really notice how much I have to re-apply... as I am a chronic lip gloss applier! 

Maybelline 14hr Super Stay LipSticks

Colors: Keep me coral
Continuously Cranberry Till Mauve do us part 

I am NOT the biggest fan of Maybelline Lip products or
Covergirl for that matter... They ALWAYS seem to be really pigmented...
but in their efforts to make it smell good look good and or wear well... they 
fall flat... the consistency is "weird"... for the lack of a better term. It
settles in creases and does the whole wipe on... wipe off jazz... I'm 
NOT saying these are not worth a look or even that they shouldn't be purchased...
but these are NO comparison to Revlon's Lipsticks... which are creamy pigmented and comfortable
to wear.. even if they don't smell like candy.... (take note maybelline) 

Continuously Cranberry has to be my favorite color followed by
Till Mauve do us part with Keep me coral in at last. 
Usually it'd be the inverse.. however... Continuously cranberry is
BRIGHT rich and the consistency is the MOST 
wearable same goes for Mauve and the Coral color (though beautiful) has too many 
shimmers for me to really get into it. 


Poppy King for Boots No. 7

Number one History (Gloss)
Number five Intrigue (Gloss)
Number Seven Allure (Gloss)

Number one History (Lipstick)
Number five Intrigue (Lipstick)
Number Seven Seduction (Lipstick)

I have to say that the Bright Fun almost Vintage packaging
SOLD me. I'm Not SUUUPER into Packaging but I really dug these 
polka dotted slim and BRIGHT boxes. 

I really like theses nice glossy pigmented glosses that are sheer and NON sticky! 
I think these will make MANY appearances in my videos for review as well 
as tutorials. The lipsticks are sheer as well with just enough pigment to catch an
eye... hold it.. and let it go. I like the fact that they are not to saturated with 
scent or glitter. This is not lil mama's lip gloss... it pops... 
but with sophistication and a cool minty sensation.  

Number Seven Intrigue is my favorite. It reminds me of what Fig Jam would 
be if it were a Lipstick. It's the color of my lips in summer. A cool dark plummy
brown that flatters my face while not showing up the rest of my makeup! It can be worn alone for a cool coy day or with a plum liner to amp up the grown and sexiness of it all! 

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  1. 'great post i bought the maybelline nude air foam in cocoa ive been wearing it for a week the jury is still out on it.. but i wanted to try the tattoo eye cream and the lipsticks was undecided on which colors thanks you always help make the decision easier.. love your vids *lwoods78)

  2. Thanks love!! is the Cocoa any different from regular Cocoa? Hmmm I wonder why they changed it anyways! LOL.. Thanks for your insight... The lipsticks are cool... I need more time... these are just initial thoughts... I have a video coming out on this post! Happy 2012!

  3. I love your youtube channel and blog!!! Im super new to youtube and kinda new to blogging, but I spotted your channel and I am a new fan!!!

    be sure to stop by my page!!! http://gspotownit.blogspot.com
    and check me out on youtube my name is gspotownit

    Keep up the good work gal!!! :))

  4. Great review. Thanks for the review of these products. I liked it and keep sharing!

  5. Hi....! Every thing looks amazing.... Nice lipsticks and lop glosses. :)

  6. nice products and you looks so beautiful..............


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