Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review: Sephora Immediate Wrinkle Filler

When it comes to primer you have SEVERAL choices for every area of your face. You even have choices to suit your skin tone type and primer target toward age groups. 

I personally have tried MANY... so when I wondered into my Favorite Hollywood Sephora 
the new Immediate Wrinkle fillin primer was the least of my interest. 

I decide to get a sample and give it  a whirl. 

To be fair I'm *twenty Something and take GREAT care of my skin. 
However, I did receive some AWESOME benefits from this Product.


It's Soft thick and can be use ALL ove the Face
It's is a reasonable price ($20) compared to it's contemporaries.
It's a STAR around the eyes and mouth


It's Small and gets LOTS of Competition from this 
primer: at $8-$13

It's has no smell and does not tingle or burn to fill wrinkles. 

I also LOVE the reflective surface which allows me to apply it anywhere!!


  1. yay I love to see nice reviews on sephora products it makes me even more proud to work there

    1. I really like there stuff! Great prices and really good products I LOVE there face powder in d6!!


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