Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pop Art For Halloween

I had an AWESOME time Filming and creating this Roy Lichtenstein inspired look. Loosely based of his 1964 hit "Crying Girl" I decided that this would be a GREAT Halloween look. Despite some fun I had with photoshop it's a really easy look that you really don't need much makeup or money for.

Here are some UN EDITED photos Followed by stylized fun art photos enjoy!

Here are some photos I had some photoshop fun with! Ad Black paint to your hair
for more detail and more fun! Another reason I was inspired to do this look, was that I had
never seen it on darker skin so I was REALLY excited to try my hand.... 

For my dots I used a beige concealer pencil all over for the "pop dot art" look!

Below are a few Roy Lichtenstein Classics I was inspired by!

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