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Corset Collection + Waist training tips

I am a big fan of the vintage pass time of waist training. Maybe you want a small waist, you want your hips to look wider... maybe  you like challenging yourself and your body. Maybe you have too much or too little curve. Whatever your reason for corseting there are some things you should know. 

As a non pro I scoured the internets for the BEST corset training tips and answers to FAQ I could find.

Eating | I tend to eat several small meals throughout the day with or without my corset. I feel as though It helps me to maintain comfort and aids in better digestion. I also try to stay away from carbonated beverages and anything too filling or things that will make me bloat 
i.e soda's, sweet juices and large helping or green veggies. 
 More tips here |

Sleeping | I tend to be able to sleep in all my corsets. I don;t feel as though this make a HUGE difference in results physically, however when I do sleep in my corset... wearing it throughout the day is a lot easier. Also, when I sleep in my corset I make certain to use it over a soft cotton garment for my comfort and sanitary purposes. 

Lacing | Lacing your corset (when they have laces) for the 1st time is VERY important to your waist training results. Tightening your laces to much too fast can cause your corset bones to warp. Your corset needs a few days to a week to get used to the shape of your frame as it slowly conforms.. 

Results/ Efficacy | as stated in my video below, corset training is NOT a diet and should not be used to lose weight. You will retain longterm results with patience and discipline. Diet, lifestyle and consistency is key to getting ANY result. Results are NOT permanent and require constant corset use. Via experience I've learned that I personally see results with 8hr wear over the course of a few - several months. 

Sports Corset |
Orchard Corset |
Weight Vest |

The FACTS on the corsets shown 

SPORTS CORSET | Ann Michell Women's Full Vest Workout Latex Waist Cincher Sport Girdle Band (34, Black) wide shoulder straps and a full coverage back reign-in bra-bulge and back Reduced waistline up to 3 sizes instantly 100% outside latex band that boosts thermal activity - cotton on the inside. Dual column eye-hook for flexible sizing. Product run small - when in doubt buy a size larger

ANN CHERY LATEX | Color: BlacK   
Underbust construction Compresses up to five inches
Hook and eye closure Posture support

ORCHARD CORSET UNDERBUST | Style #411 22"  steel boned, high quality, and are suitable for many levels of waist training and tight lacing.

Vest Style cinchers |
Fitness Band
Gym Routine #1
Gym Routine # 2

Workout videos |

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